Winter Pet Waste Removal

Why is it Crucial to have the Pet Waste Picked up during the Winter?

  1. Accumulated pet waste still harbors diseases during the winter months that can endanger your pet’s health.

  2. Accumulated pet waste builds up acids that can damage your lawn during the winter months that will affect its growth in the spring even though your lawn is dormant.

  3. Accumulated pet waste if not removed freezes when the snow melts and makes it harder to remove and increases the cost for removal in the spring.

  4. The obvious result of accumulated pet waste is the unpleasant site of it lying around in the snow for all to see.


How Our Winter Service Works

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  1. We will service you as normal should there be light rain or snow on your service day.

  2. Should your service day fall on a heavy snow day or days, we will resume service once the snow has stopped falling.

  3. If a snow storm continues for more than one day, we will contact you to let you know when to expect service.

  4.  If it snows between your service dates obviously your pet’s waste will be covered. We will remove everything we see when we service you. Since we perform our service on a regular basis and as when the snow begins to melt, we will find and remove your pet’s waste no matter how long it takes and your rate remains the same.

  5. When your pet’s waste becomes frozen within snow and ice, it becomes difficult to remove. Therefore, we will not chip at it as we could damage your lawn or patio areas. Once it becomes loose we will then remove it.


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