Residential Solutions

Daizy Dooz provides Pet Waste Solutions to all of your Residents needs!

Dooz Bucket

(Rake & Scooper Optional)

•Daizy Dooz will empty Dooz Bucket and replace with a clean liner every week or every other week.

Cat Litter Box Exchange

1.Place the used litter box in an agreed area for exchange.

2.Pull clean litter box out of storage for your cat to use.

3.Retrieve newly cleaned, sanitized, and sealed litter box to put back into storage.

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Exceeding your expectations with our pet waste removal. We at Daizy Dooz take great pride in providing you with professional, reliable, and on time pet waste removal services you can count on 365 days a year. Our pet waste removal service agreement and commitment is to exceed your expectations every time we service you.