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Scoop That Poop!

Have you ever had that neighbor who walks their dog, and let's their dog make a poop stop on your front lawn? Better yet..a neighbor who not only does that, but walks away without picking up the poop? We all have had that one neighbor! Not only do we have to worry about our own dog poop, but the neighbors dogs poop as well! Let's dig a little deeper shall we? Did you know that just 1 gram of dog poop carries over 23 million Fecal Bacteria?

Yuck! Most of us have Landscape companies that mow the lawn, take care of the garden, and keep up with the maintenance of the outside duties. Landscapers focus on landscaping, and not dog poop. There are things that you all should know. Let's start at the beginning. Dog Poop is not a fertilizer. DO NOT throw it in your garden and assume that it will help your plants grow. First of all, you just threw 23 million bacteria in your greenie vegetables..that is just gross. Second of all, Dog Poop has a high acidity level. All you are doing, is putting a death sentence to your beautiful plants! Have you noticed the yellow spots on your grass, your dead grass? You are probably thinking that is from the dogs urine. Yes, about 20% of that is from the urine, the other 80% of that is from the dog poop! Have you ever thought to yourself: Oh well, the Lawn Mower will pick it up? WRONG! Look what you just did, you just cut up and flung 23 million Fecal Bacteria everywhere! Think 1 dead spot of grass is bad? Congratulations buddy, you just gave your grass a Bacteria eating Apocalypse. Let's skip to the good part: Accidentally stepping in the Poop! One step, two step, three step, and awwww the hose! Each step or more you take with poop on your feet spreads more bacteria! Stop! Just have Daizy Dooz pick up the Poop before your yard is covered in a bacterial disaster! We are just getting to the good part: Flies and Insects. We all know that the poop brings in flies and other crawly things, But did you know that 6 million of that 23 million Fecal Bacteria is found on the legs of those flies? You got that right people, Millions of diseases are spread by non-biting flies. Files also lay eggs and larvae not only in the poop, but in the soil and water. Let's top this insect bacteria traveling sundae with a cherry on top. Most of those parasites live longer than a year! Some of those problematic parasites are called: Worms, Coccidia, and Giardia. Some of the Problematic sicknesses include: Parvo-virus, and Corona-virus. Some of that bad bacteria include: Salmonella, E. Coli, and Campylobacteriosis. Guess what? All of those are higher risks to Children, Babies, Seniors, and Pregnant Women. 5 of those 8 listed above can be transferred from Canines to Humans. So how do we avoid this Poopy Disaster? SCOOP THAT POOP!

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