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Pet Fire Safety Awareness Week!

This week is National Pet Fire Safety Week, so we at Daizy Dooz are going to discuss about what you need to know and do to keep your pets safe during a fire! You and your furry family members mean a great deal to the Daizy Dooz family, and all we want is to make sure you and your furry family members are SAFE!


Make sure that not only do you have a plan for your family, but also make sure you have a plan for your furry family members as well. Having a plan is a very IMPORTANT KEY of making sure your furry family members are safe from the effects of a fire. If you are home when the fire is happening, always determine which family member is responsible for which furry family member. Acknowledge and Pay attention to the places that your furry family members hide. Why? This may be the very first place that they may go if there is a fire. Always have a spare Pet Carrier or Leash on Hand Outside of the building just in case a fire does happen. There will be a lot going on, and the last thing we want is your pet running away. For smaller canines/or felines, having an extra pet carrier on hand can be a very comforting place to be when there is all of that commotion going around.


Let's face it, Not all of us are home 24/7. We at Daizy Dooz PROMISE with your permission to keep an eye out for your furry family members, and your home on the days that your a regularly serviced. If there is anything suspicious or abnormal that we may see, we will contact you immediately. Though we are not there everyday, may we suggest that you ask a family member, neighbor, or friend in advance that if a fire shall happen if they would be willing to keep your pets in custody for you in case of an emergency.


  • Extinguish any open flames! Pets are always curious when it comes to investigating an open flame on a candle. Make sure to ALWAYS put out any flame on a candle when leaving the house. When at home, make sure ALL candles are unreachable for your pets.

  • When leaving your pets at home, make sure that they are contained in a crate or behind a "Baby Gate" where they have no access to chewing up wires.

  • According to the Fire Safety Association, Stoves are the #1 cause to pet fires. Make sure to take off, or lock all stove knobs.

  • Remove any glass bowls from outside especially if you have a wooden deck. The suns rays when filtered in water can cause a fire to ignite. Replace any glass pet bowls with ceramic or stainless steel ones.


  • Make sure that your pet is wearing updated and accurate Identification. There is always a high chance that your furry family member might get lost in a disaster. Always make sure you provide an alternate phone number besides your home phone just so there are multiple options for someone to reach you if they find your pet.

  • We at Daizy Dooz reccomend that if you have the time to get your pet micro-chipped, then you should go get them micro-chipped. Having your pet micro-chipped increases the chance of you finding them, or your pet being returned to you. A lot of shelters and vets carry a micro-chip reader that will identify your pet in the matter of seconds.

  • Make an emergency preparedness kit! Have a kit made and keep it in a safe place, either by your front door or in your car for quick and easy access. Your emergency kit should include enough supplies to last up to seven days. Include the following: Pet Medication, Bedding & Toys, Bowls, Cat Litter, Cat Litter Box, Emergency Contact Information, Food (canned or solid), Bottled Water, Can opener (if needed), Gauze, Pet first-aid book, Phone numbers: your veterinarian, the nearest emergency-veterinary clinic (along with directions!) and a poison-control center or hotline (such as the ASPCA poison-control center, which can be reached at 1-800-426-4435), Paperwork for your pet (in a waterproof container or bag): proof of rabies-vaccination status, copies of other important medical records and a current photo of your pet (in case he gets lost), Nylon leash, Self-cling bandage (bandage that stretches and sticks to itself but not to fur—available at pet stores and from pet-supply catalogs), Muzzle or strips of cloth to prevent biting (don't use this if your pet is vomiting, choking, coughing or otherwise having difficulty breathing), Absorbent gauze pads, Adhesive tape, Antiseptic wipes, lotion, powder or spray, Blanket (a foil emergency blanket), Cotton balls or swabs, Gauze rolls, Hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting), Ice pack, Non-latex disposable gloves, Petroleum jelly (to lubricate the thermometer), Rectal thermometer (your pet's temperature should not rise above 103°F or fall below 100°F), Scissors (with blunt ends), Sterile non-stick gauze pads for bandages, Sterile saline solution (sold at pharmacies), Tweezers, A pillowcase to confine your cat for treatment, A pet carrier, Diphenhydramine (Benadryl®) for allergic reactions, Ear-cleaning solution, Expired credit card or sample credit card to scrape away insect stingers, Glucose paste or corn syrup (for diabetic dogs or those with low blood sugar), Nail clippers, Non-prescription antibiotic ointment, Penlight or flashlight, Plastic eyedropper or syringe, Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) to clean the thermometer, Splints and tongue depressors, Styptic powder or pencil, Towels, and Needle-nosed pliers.

Pet Emergency Kit Source: http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/pet_first_aid_kit.html

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