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Pawsitive Tips for Seasonal Allergies!

Just like people, our furry friends can experience allergies! We all know that allergies can make us feel miserable. Seasonal allergies can make our furry friends feel super itchy and sick. No worries, because we here at Daizy Dooz have some solutions and remedies to ease your pets allergies!

1. Dog Wipes or Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes

To ease your furry family members allergies, quickly give them a wipe down after letting them play outside. There are so many different pollen factors that are found on the grass, flowerbeds, and just about everything outside. Wiping down their fur and paws, will wipe away some of the pollen debris that may have decided to take a ride with your furry friend while he was rolling in the fresh cut grass. Wipes are also very helpful when it comes to tears and mucus in our pets eyes. Eyes are very sensitive so please do not "dig or scrape" when it comes to dry eye boogies. Wipe the area with a baby wipe and if that does not loosen up the dried particles, use a damp washcloth with a little bit of Pet Friendly Soap.

2. Cool Water Wash Down

Rinse your pet under cool water with NO soap. The cool water is incredibly soothing and relieving to your pet's dry irritated skin. The cool water also washes off any pollen that may have settled onto your dog's fur while you two were out and about.

3. Weekly Bathing

Once a week, try to make time for quality bath time! We recommend that you use an Aloe and Oatmeal doggy shampoo. Aloe and Oatmeal soothe irritated skin along with promoting healthy skin by removing pollen and dead skin cells.

4. Fish Oil

We recommend that you consider giving your dog fish oil on a daily basis. 1,000 mg of any quality fish oil capsule will do. Fish oil is full of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and repair damaged skin. You won’t see results for about six weeks, but it’s doing its job!

5. Coconut Oil 

It's good for EVERYTHING, even your pup. It great to lather on your dog where he itches the most. And its safe for them to ingest if they start to lick. If they really like it, you can add it to their food as well.

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