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National Dog Day!

We love YOUR dogs and THEY love us! For that, we’re eternally grateful. Daizy Dooz would not be here if it weren't for our furry Friends and their loyal owners! National Dog Day honors the most loyal and adorable creature.. the DOG! After all, Dog's and Humans have a long history together. The dog’s evolution into man’s best friend goes back at least 14,000 years (and probably longer), when they split from wolves to become more lovable, domesticated animals. Since then, the bond between people and dogs has transcended time and culture to become an integral part of humanity itself. We would have it no other way. One thing’s for sure Daizy Dooz is sure glad that people and pooches joined forces all those years ago. So on August 26th, let us all gaze upon the cute dog videos flooding on social social media because it’s time to celebrate man’s best (and oldest) friend! Daizy Dooz is going to give away a $15 Amazon Gift Card to the funniest Video or Picture Posted in the comments of this very Post from Now to the 26th Day of August, so get Video Taping and Picture Taking! All video's and Pictures must be submitted by 5.p.m. on the 26th of August. SHARE this Post before the 26th and get 20% off your next service!

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