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By keeping the Yards and Litter Boxes Clean, DD Keeps our Senior Citizens Happy and Healthy

Daizy Dooz knows that Dog and Cat owners love their Furry Canines and Felines! From recent figures, there are now 84 million dogs and cats taking residence in the United States today! In 2013, the amount spent on our furry friends hit the amount of 55 Billion Dollars! Can you believe it?

For many of those from the baby boomer generation, having a dog or cat has been highly favored. Our furry canines and felines provide a sense of companionship, along with the encouragement for exercise. We all know that nothing says “Let’s go on a walk” like our furry friends sitting by the door all excited to go!

We all know that NOT ALL of the aspects of having such an incredible furry companion are fond for the aging adults, disabled, or senior citizens. For instance, let’s look at the non-negotiable chore of having to SCOOP THE POOP. All of our furry friends poop, but unfortunately they do not have the ability to pick up after themselves. The Pooper Scooper Duty can easily lead to stiff backs, stiff joints, and unexpected falls. Not to mention that our furry friends do their business 365 Days a year! We would not want our aging adults, Disabled, or Senior Citizens trying to accomplish that Pooper Scooper duty in the bad weather. With Felines, it’s more that just picking up one pile at a time. Picking up a Kitty Litter Box can start to feel like your lifting 20 pound weights!

As found in the Environmental Protection Agency, the average sized Canine deposits ¾ pounds of Poop a day! Wow that’s a lot! Now lets add up the math here.. ¾ pounds multiplied by the course of a month. THAT IS NEARLY 25 POUNDS OF DOG WASTE! Multiplied by 1 Year, THAT IS NEALRY 300 POUNDS OF DOG WASTE! That is why many of those with disabilities, or Senior Citizens are turning to services like Daizy Dooz to keep their yards clean, Kitty Litter Boxes Clean, and their limbs, joints and lower backs healthy.

Daizy Dooz’s Pet Waste Removal Services will address the most unpleasant and time-consuming aspect of owning a furry friend! Costing less than a visit to your favorite fast food joint! Averaging around $12-$20 a week, you can make sure that you, a friend, or a family member will never have to worry about that dirty, and time-consuming job again! Service rates are typically based on the number of dogs, and frequency of visits, ranging from weekly, twice-weekly, every other week, monthly and one-time clean-ups. THERE ARE NO CONTRACTS! Which means that the disabled, or Senior Citizens can easily pass off the burden in the event of an injury or planned surgery.

Hiring a dedicated Daizy Dooz Pet Waste Professional also ensures yards are kept safe and healthy for families and pets to enjoy. Unknown to many, pet waste is more than just a gross and stinky mess; when left unattended, it can also harm your health.

Pet Waste-borne pathogens commonly found in dog droppings and cat droppings include bacteria, worms and other parasites that can be passed directly to humans and make them sick. Ringworm, roundworm, salmonella, giardia and E. coli are examples of such inhabitants, all of which are found in dog and cat feces and are easily transferable upon contact. Roundworm, for example, is one of the most common parasites found in dog droppings and it can remain infectious in contaminated soil and water for years.

While nobody enjoys picking up pet waste, the Disabled and Senior Citizens in particular should be cautious about taking on such a chore. We at Daizy Dooz are happy to assist, and with most services costing about the same price as a large pizza, who wouldn’t want to wash their hands clean of the whole Pet Waste cleanup business?

*All Senior Citizens 60+ will recieve 10% off their Service Rate!*

**Families who choose to gift this idea for someone that they love for this Holiday Season will get an additional 5% off their weekly service!**

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