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Heat Heat Go Away, Come Back... When your not so HOT!

Although it is important respect those who are out working outdoors with the soaring temperatures these hot summer months, but let us not forget the Canines and Felines who are also truly suffering. These last few months, we have seen so many Pet Passing's due to Heat Stroke. Heat Stroke and related conditions can be life threatening to your pets. It is extremely important to make sure your pet stays cool, and well cared for. Our Daizy Dooz representatives ALWAYS take the extra measure when they are out "Scooping the Dooz" to make sure that your Fur-Friends have plenty of water. Please keep in mind, that you and your Fur-friends are extremely important to us here at Daizy Dooz. If you leave your pets outside during the day, please make sure they have access to plenty of water and shade. If there is anything else that we can do to help insure that your pet's stay safe in this terrifying heat, please let us know.

Did you know that the Main Method of ridding heat in Dogs and Cats is by Panting?

  1. Dogs and Cats only sweat through their pads and feet! Can you only imagine? For humans, sweating is the bodies natural way to cool itself down. We sweat from our heads to our toes. Unfortunately our Furry Friends do not have that advantage. Overheating and it's effects are sporadic when it comes to different breeds, illness, age, and other circumstances. Although it is very crucial concern all pets when it comes to Heat Stroke; but if we were to ask the question of what pets are considered more at risk, these would be the following:

  2. Pets who have survived an episode of Heat Stroke

  3. Elderly Pets

  4. Overweight Pets

  5. Pets without access to water or shade

  6. Pets with heart or breathing conditions

  7. Pets with short or wide faces

  8. Pets confined in carriers or vehicles

What are Some Signs that your Pet might have Heat Stroke?

  1. Confusion, Anxious or Dazed Expression

  2. Warm to Touch

  3. Seizures

  4. Salivating, and Whining

  5. Heavy Panting, Vomiting, Brick Red Gums

  6. Increased Heart Rate

  7. Collapsing, Stumbling, Falling Down, Laying Down and Not Wanting to Get Up

  8. Diarrhea

What Can Heat Stroke Lead To?

  1. Brain Damage

  2. Kidney Damage or Failure

  3. Muscle Damage

  4. Liver Failure

  5. Bleeding/Clotting

  6. Lung Damage

  7. Seizures

  8. Death

What do you do if your suspect your pet is overheating?

  1. Spend no more than 5 minutes wetting down your pet all over with cool water.

  2. DO NOT DELAY seeking treatment. Contact your nearest Veterinary Clinic and notify them that you are on your way.

  3. Plan on the following treatment: IV Fluids, Plasma, Oxygen, and Blood & Urine tests to determine if there is any organ damage.

How Hot is TOO Hot when it comes to Asphalt and Cement?

A lot of us don't take the time to think about how hot the asphalt, or cement is because we have our shoes on protecting our feet. So when you are at a park or parking lot chatting away and your dog is jumping and pulling away, don't scold him! His paws are BURNING! The temperature of the asphalt and concrete is about 30 degrees higher than the air temperature! Example: Air Temperature is 80 degrees, Cement/ Asphalt is 110 degrees.

Please Take the time to do a Hot Asphalt Test: Place the back of your hand on the Cement/Asphalt for at least 7 seconds to verify that it will be comfortable for your dog.

During the Warmer Seasons

Never Leave your Pets in your car, even if you are in the shade and the windows are cracked. Use air conditioners, or fans to keep up the air circulation. Walks should be done in the early morning before 8 a.m. or in the late evenings after 6 p.m. Limit walks during the day due to higher temperatures, and hot cement/asphalt. Have access to cool, fresh water. Take a water bottle with you when going on walks with your pets. Always leave an extra bowl of water just in case one gets knocked over. Last but not least, Always remember that we appreciate your Loyal Business, and we thank you for being part of the DOOZ Family. Enjoy your 2018 Summer Season, and do not hesitate to ask us to help with anything else in regards to guaranteeing the safety of your animals!


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