Poop DNA

Daizy Dooz is partnered with a Pet Waste DNA company called PooPrints. 

PooPrints is a proven dog poop management service that drastically reduces pet waste and helps you maintain a healthy and attractive community. 

How does PooPrints Work?

  1. Just collect a gentle cheek swab from each dog in your community and have Daizy Dooz send it in to the PooPrints laboratory. PooPrints securely uploads every dog’s genetic profile to the DNA World Pet Registry database.

  2. When you find un-scooped dog poop, use the PooPrints Waste Sample Collection kit to collect a nickel-sized sample. Then, return the sample to Daizy Dooz and we will send it in for PooPrints processing. PooPrints will compare the waste sample to the dogs in your data base and report results back to Daizy Dooz so they can inform you.

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