Daizy Dooz Services

We are more than just your average Poop-Scooping company! We provide reliable and valuable service by canvassing your entire yard or pet waste area with  our professional, fully trained, insured, and licensed service personnel! Picking up the "DOOZ" is our mission and being the most reliable Pet Waste Removal Company in the world is our goal. 

Dog Poop Scooping Service
We provide Dog Waste Removal services weekly, 2x a week, every other week, or monthly.
Commercial Pet Waste Removal
We offer Pet Waste Removal services to all types of commercial properties including apartments, senior living facilities, HOA'S, condominiums and parks. We also provide pet waste stations and bags as part of a complete commercial pet waste management program for a poop free community!
Cat Litter Box Exchange
Exchange your stinky, dirty litter boxes for clean, sanitized ones! Cat Litter Box exchange provides customers and their Cats with clean and sanitary litter boxes for their homes! We keep all of our customer's litter boxes identified, separated, and sealed for your cat's protection.

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Exceeding your expectations with our pet waste removal. We at Daizy Dooz take great pride in providing you with professional, reliable, and on time pet waste removal services you can count on 365 days a year. Our pet waste removal service agreement and commitment is to exceed your expectations every time we service you.