What Companies Use Daizy Dooz?

Commercial Pet Waste Solutions

  • Provide our services when understaffed. One time, one week, or as many times services are needed.

  • Provide our services for when personnel go on vacation or sick leave.

  • Emergency services available for property inspections when understaffed.

  • Service performed professionally with trained, insured, and uniformed personnel.

  • A partnership you can rely upon to keep pet waste removal out of site and out of mind.

  • Using an experienced company in providing pet waste solutions since 2012.

  • Peace of mind when pet waste problems become overwhelming.

  • Service credits for referrals to other properties.

How our services can benefit your organization:

We want to help solve your pet waste issues for your complex, to add curb appeal and a pet waste free environment to all of your residents in a variety of ways:

  • No contracts. Use our services one time or as many as you need.

  • Start and Stop scheduled services based upon your needs.

  • One time property clean ups or as needed. (Can be scheduled weekly, bi weekly, or once a month.)

  • One time or scheduled pet waste station service. (Restocking of pet waste bags, empty waste basket, and haul waste off site.) $4 per station.

  • Pet waste station installation and repair. (Repair included with regularly scheduled service.)

  • Pet waste station pressure washing available for one time or as needed. (Twice yearly with scheduled service.)

  • Pet DNA services available to help identify offenders of your pet waste pick up policies.

  • Community involvement and reward programs for your residents.

We Have Your Back!

Daizy Dooz has solutions, services, and programs to solve the Pet Waste Problem!

Our programs and services are designed not to just “band-aid” the problem, but are here to provide REAL solutions for your community.

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Daizy Dooz understands how important it is to guarantee the satisfaction to our clientele. We also know how important it is to YOU as well. We are in the business to help YOU find solutions to a Pet Waste Free Community.



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