Daizy Dooz Cat Litter Box Exchange

Daizy Dooz offers a very unique way of managing Cat Waste Removal with a litter box exchange service. By having the ability to clean litter boxes off site we offer a service that allows you to never clean out your cat's litter box again. All you have to do it put your cat's litter box on the front porch and we do the rest.

Cat Litter Box Exchange:

Daizy Dooz's Cat Litter Box Exchange service provides customers with clean and sanitary litter boxes for their homes and cat's! It’s best if our customers leave the Dirty Cat Litter Box outside on their service day, but we can come in to your home if necessary. We keep all of our customer's litter boxes identified, separated, and sealed for your cat's protection.


**All Cat Litter Box Exchange services include 3 Litter Boxes! You can choose to use the boxes Provided for you or you can use the ones that you already have! **

Service explained as followed: 

  1. Place the used litter box in an agreed area for exchange.

  2. Pull clean litter box out of storage for your cat to use.

  3. Retrieve newly cleaned, sanitized, and sealed litter box to put back into storage.


Schedule Daizy Dooz's Cat Litter Box Exchange service at any time or add it as an addition to the Dog Poop Scooping Service!

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Why Hire a Professional Like Daizy Dooz to Clean out the Cat Litter Box?

  • Daizy Dooz knows that always having a clean Cat Litter Box is simply more convenient for pet parents, and if the box is cleaned on a weekly basis the cat is happier as well!

  • We at Daizy Dooz know that for our finicky felines, clean litter boxes are a huge importance! A constant clean litter box helps to prevent toileting problems, and the tracking of diseases throughout the house.

  • Another advantage of using Daizy Dooz's Cat Litter Box Exchange Services is the exceptional ability to control odors.

  • The Cat Litter Box exchange service is great for those who do not always have the time to clean out the Cat's Litter Box.

  • The Cat Litter Box exchange service is great for the elderly that can no longer take care of the maintenance.

  • You will never have to worry about cleaning out a litter box again! You can check that off the To Do List!

  • Did you know when a woman is pregnant, living around a dirty litter box, or even cleaning it is dangerous for the mother and baby? Why? Toxoplasma gondii. Cats shed an embryonic form of the parasite in their feces. It can pose a significant health hazard especially for women that are pregnant.

  • The Cat Litter Box Exchange is a great service for those in Senior Living Facilities.

  • Daizy Dooz offers Residential and Commercial Cat Litter Box Exchange Services. 

So, what are you waiting for? Free up your time, and let Daizy Dooz manage the Cat's Litter Box! Give us a call or submit a quick information form to get on the schedule for the Cat Litter Box Exchange!


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