"Pooping on the lawn is your dog's business, picking it up is ours!


Daizy Dooz provides dog poop scooping services and pet waste removal to Residential and Commercial Properties 365 days a year! Since 2012, Daizy Dooz has been providing safe, effective, and economically sanitation with "Reliable" professional service to over 400 clients a week along the Rocky Mountain Region.

Pick it up yourself? For $5 a pick-up, dispose of the waste in the DOOZ Bucket! Every week a Representative will empty, replace the liner, and haul away the Waste off-site to eliminate odors and increase space in your garbage can!

Dog Waste Removal starts at $12.00! Kitty Litter Exchange starts at $4.00

How Daizy Dooz Works


Call and schedule your service


We pick up your pet’s waste


We haul the poop away at no charge


Enjoy your beautiful Poop-Free yard!

"Tired of Scooping the Dooz??

Daizy Dooz is dedicated to exceeding your expectations with our professional pet waste cleanup and removal. Uniformed Daizy Dooz representatives take great pride in providing professional, reliable, and on time pet waste removal services you can count on 365 days a year! Our pet waste removal representatives will pretty much clean up just about anything- from residential yards to apartments or HOA's- and do so by exceeding your expectations every service!

Daizy Dooz will make life more enjoyable and convenient. Enjoy a safe environment not only for your family, but for your four-legged family members as well!  Secure the satisfaction of always having a Poop-Free yard by using one of our regular scheduled services!

Services That We Provide

What services does Daizy Dooz provide? We scoop the dog poop and take it away, so you don’t have to! We also clean and sanitize cat litter boxes as well! Although dog poop cleanup and pet waste removal isn't the most pleasant job on the market, but it’s all part of our commitment to make your home and community more enjoyable along with making your life much more easier!

Dog Poop Scooping Service

Commercial Pet Waste Removal

Cat Litter Box Exchange

Picking up the "Dooz", since 2012!

Since 2012, Daizy Dooz has provided pet waste removal services you can count on 365 days a year. Our reliable and professional service is ideal for individual residential yards, community parks, multi-family communities, and HOA's. We at Daizy Dooz believe that our fellow pet-lovers should pamper themselves with a "poop" free lawn, clean litter box, and time to spend with their family and beloved four-legged family members!

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Maintain a clean and "POOP" free yard when you use Daizy Dooz's Pet Waste Removal Services. With no contracts, our licensed, bonded, and insured pet waste removal specialist will canvas your entire yard, kennel, and patio area to locate all of your dog's waste. We will collect and remove all of the unwanted pet waste off-site so you don't have to. All of our pet waste removal equipment and footwear is disinfected to ensure the safety of all pets that benefit from our pet waste removal.


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Exceeding your expectations with our pet waste removal. We at Daizy Dooz take great pride in providing you with professional, reliable, and on time pet waste removal services you can count on 365 days a year. Our pet waste removal service agreement and commitment is to exceed your expectations every time we service you.